ZOHASTRE is an astronomical word game inspired by the language of the birds, sonic meld of stars and letters, wild drumming and bewitched electronics – what happens when two suns/particles collide?
After a release on Rocket Recordings as H.U.M. (together with Mark Wagner aka Moon Ra), two years of thrilling touring and following the limited edition cassette of “Quark Star /\ Étoile Étrange” on their own DIY cassette label ZamZam Records, the French-Italian duo of Héloïse/H and Olmo/Uiutna is releasing a new LP “Pan And The Master Pipers” with the flourishing label S.K.records.
Celestial in its reach, yet retaining an earthen warmth, their music obliquely references a whole bunch of experimental/noise rock/electronic approaches while sounding not like any of them. Practicing mesmeric audio gestures, ZOHASTRE venture to an hallucinated quest through the night, forest, universe. As troubadours from outer space, they unleash impro-ritualistic dream-music for trance-like FX and galactic diversions.
ZOHASTRE is delving into psychedelic spheres : drony yet volatile sounds, heavy and deconstructed rythms, enchanting and shrilling bagpipes, echoing in a sea of shooting stars…



Date City Venue Country
29/06/18 - 01/07/18 Jallais Tapette Fest France
10/08/18 - 12/08/18 Ieper Ieper Fest Belgium

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