Vidunder is a bluesy 70’s rock band with a touch of garage. The band teamed up with Crusher Records (Spiders, Blues Pills, Horisont, Hypnos) and released their self-titled debut album in May 2013; an album praised by numerous major magazines. And after several tours over Europe it’s definitely about time… A new killer album is coming up!
In early May 2015 Vidunder is releasing their yet nameless 2nd album via Crusher Records. The release will be supported by tours in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.
Vidunder from Malmö, Sweden, features Martin Prim (vocals and guitar), Linus Larsson (bass), Johannes Cronquist (organ) and Jens Rasmussen (drums). The band was formed in mid-2011 and released their debut single Asmodeus on Crusher Records the very same year. Their album contains tracks such as Summoning The Not Living, reminding of a young Roky Erickson and his 13th Floor Elevators; the bluesy ballad Threefold giving the album a balance to the more heavier and up-tempo songs; Threat From The Underground which is one of the three tracks on this album with guest appearance by guitarist John Hoyles (guitarist of Spiders, ex-member of Witchcraft and Troubled Horse).
Their music can just as easily bring to mind the past days of Captain Beyond or Blue Cheer, as for today’s always topical and compatriots in Graveyard.



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