Ranger Helsinki

The Helsinki quartet burst onto the scene in 2009 (following a brief period under the name Turbin), but really started picking up steam last year with their last LP, and Spinefarm debut Where Evil Dwells. Scarcely a year later, the boys are back with another full-length, and it’s exactly what heavy metal needs right now, as we cruise through one of the shittiest (and most divisive) years in recorded history.

The bulk of Ranger’s appeal lies in their ability to churn out pitch-perfect 80s-worshipping speed metal (piercing howls, shrieking leads, and all) without sounding stale, or derivative, or self-conscious. They expertly execute speed metal’s core tenets—heavy metal, thrash, even They simply show up, plug in, and shred—echoing the loose, bare-bones approach of their forebears down to their song titles (“Night Slasher” is a particularly sick ripper), leather-clad aesthetic, reckless tempos, and vocalist Dimi’s high-pitched squeals and unhinged laughter.

There’s something uplifting, even joyful, in the way these four dudes rock and rage together—this is hard-charging heavy metal in its purest, most distilled form, and it’s impossible not to love. With their bouncy melodies and anthemic leads, they often feel like a tougher, more streetwise High Spirits, and if there’s one thing we sorely fucking need this year, it’s more joy.



Date City Venue Country
26/05/17 Copenhagen Ungdomshuset Denmark
27/05/17 Berlin Live Evil Berlin Germany
28/05/17 Rotterdam Baroeg Netherlands
29/05/17 London Black Heart United Kingdom
30/05/17 Newcastle Trillians Rock Bar United Kingdom
31/05/17 Glasgow Audio United Kingdom
01/06/17 Manchester Star & Garter United Kingdom
02/06/17 Paris Le Klub United Kingdom
03/06/17 Nantes Crumble Fight France
04/06/17 Rennes Mondo Bizarro France
05/06/17 St. Etienne Thunderbird Lounge France
06/06/17 Barcelona Rocksound Spain
08/06/17 Beja SANTA MARIA SUMMER FEST Portugal
09/06/17 Madrid Wurlitzer Ballroom Spain
10/06/17 Mungia, Bizkaia Mungi Rock Spain
11/06/17 Bordeaux Void France
13/06/17 Zurich Ebrietas Switzerland
14/06/17 Kassel Goldgrube Germany
15/06/17 Wroclaw Ciemna Stron Mista Poland
15/06/17 Wroclaw Ciemna Stron Mista Poland
16/06/17 Warsaw Hydrozagadka Poland
09/09/17 Torreillles Pyrenean Warriors Open Air France

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