OKKULTOKRATI makes it their business to tear apart the rock ‘n’ roll guidebook and mash it in to vicious combat music for fans of punk, d-beat, black metal and generally anyone with a penchant for unsavory anthems delivered with inimitable attitude. They have earned a ferocious reputation for siphoning elements of disparate genres in to their toxic, distorted brew, a trait that can be observed across the whole of the Black Hole Crew collective encompassing Haust, Dark Times, Blood Suckers, Drugged SS, and others. Once the sheer slamming force of their tunes has sunk in, the iconoclastic quintet has a tendency to pull the rug from under the whole contraption, sending their tracks tumbling in to experimental and industrial forays that further their capacity to ensnare the listener in their bear trap.



Date City Venue Country
24/03/17 Innsbruck PMK Austria
25/03/17 Trieste Tetris Italy
26/03/17 Pescara SCUM Italy
27/03/17 Bologna Freakout Club Italy
28/03/17 Umbertide Cinema Metropolis Italy
29/03/17 Milano Ligera Italy
30/03/17 Lyon Trockson France
31/03/17 Rouen Hipster Cafe France
01/04/17 Lille 301 live club France
02/04/17 Birmingham The Flapper United Kingdom
03/04/17 London Black Heart United Kingdom
05/04/17 Glasgow Audio United Kingdom
06/04/17 Newcastle The Cluny United Kingdom
07/04/17 Antwerp Antwerp Music City Belgium
08/04/17 Nijmegen Merleyn Netherlands
09/04/17 Kortrijk The Pit’s Belgium
10/04/17 Bruxelles Magasin 4 Belgium

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