Emerging in a haze of demented riff science and booze-addled abandon, Hey Colossus have carved out a notable niche for themselves in the British underground’s murkier quarters. They’ve dished out a formidable array of wax over the last decade, specialising in a primordial barrage of abject noise from overheated ampstacks. Yet for all the grit and gnarl of their output thus far, it’s seemingly only been a warm-up for their latest opus, which sees their monstrous assault finely honed into an album as beguiling as it is bulldozing. ‘In Black And Gold’, their eighth album proper and first for Rocket Recordings, ushers in a new incarnation of Hey Colossus. Marrying malevolent attack to expansive celestial splendour, ‘In Black And Gold’ marks a point whereby Hey Colossus map out a sonic trajectory that expands on their trademark ornery overload. The songs herein may be leaner and more artful than the fearsome sound by which they made their name on albums like 2008’s ‘Project: Death’ and the monstrous 2013 opus ‘Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo’, but they remain possessed of the wrath both Stoogian and Stygian that fuels their noiserock transgression.




Date City Venue Country
23/03/18 Paris Espace B France
w/Grey Hair
24/03/18 Lyon Le Sonic France
w/Grey Hair
25/03/18 Bruxelles Magasin 4 Belgium
w/Grey Hair
28/04/18 Liverpool Wrong Festival United Kingdom
26/05/18 Nijmegen Doornroosje Netherlands
28/05/18 Kortrijk De Kreun Belgium
29/05/18 Liege Reflektor Belgium
30/05/18 Stuttgart Jugendhaus West Germany

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