In a parallel time a knight and a seer walks a dark earth trying to solve the mysteries of the world guided only by the stars. If you want to escape reality for a while to flee into this madness, you’re welcome to open this heavy door and enter the universe of Hällas. By the ancient landscapes, woods and medieval relics, the quintet takes their inspiration to express their way of making music into tales, blending progressive rock with early heavy metal. With thundering organs like Uriah Heep, storytelling inspired by Genesis and Rush, twin guitars like Iron Maiden and the smooth harmonies like Camel. Hällas invites you to an adventure you’ll never forget, you can’t escape your fate.



Date City Venue Country
03/03/18 Böras Abrakadabra Sweden
03/03/18 Ljungby Turbofest Sweden
19/04/18 Tilburg ROADBURN FESTIVAL Netherlands
20/04/18 Newcastle Upon Tyre Nemix Studios United Kingdom
21/04/18 London The Lounge United Kingdom
21/07/18 Crispendorf Chaos Descendens Festival Germany
10/08/18 Plattenburg Aquamaria Festival Germany
11/08/18 Kötzting Void Fest Germany
25/08/18 Bergen Beyond the Gates Festival Norway
05/10/18 Oslo Hostsabbat Festival Norway
17/11/18 Würzburg Hammer Of Doom Festival Germany

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