Common Eider King Eider San Francisco

Common Eider King Eider is an evolving art and music collaboration between Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, Six Organs of Admittance/Hexadic collaborator), Vicky Fong, Andee Connors (A Minor Forest), Andrew Weathers and Blaine Todd. A potent mix of blackened ambience, drone and silence incorporating viola, vast chorale arrangements, and field recordings.
Labels representing CEKE since their inception in 2007 include Cold Spring, Pesanta Urfolk, Black Horizons, Root Strata, Sol y Nieve, and their own imprint Caribou People.
Swelling vocal abstractions augmented with lush blankets of layered viola stretched out of time- hushed, yet unnerving to experience. Terrifying, beautiful, spare, the sound of light nullified and at the same time a celebration of the power and beauty of the sun.



Date City Venue Country
11/04/17 Berlin Obnoxius Ouroboros Germany
12/04/17 Amsterdam OCCII Netherlands
13/04/17 Lille Quelque Part Records France
14/04/17 Diksmuide 4AD Belgium
w/ZU, In Zaire
15/04/17 Montreuil Instant Chavires France
16/04/17 Nantes Les Ateliers Bitche France
17/04/17 Toulouse Les Pavillions Sauvages France
18/04/17 Lyon Ground Zero France
19/04/17 Basel Hirscheneck Switzerland
20/04/17 Bruxelles Cafe Central Belgium
20/04/17 - 22/04/17 Leipzig Doom Over Leipzig Germany
21/04/17 Rotterdam Wunderbar Netherlands
23/04/17 Poznan LAS Poland

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