Cave Chicago

Ha! That’s funny because CAVE play mostly songs without sing- ing in them — but it means some- thing else again after you hear Threace, you actually are speech- less. Threace might just bring an end to your party, too — no more dancing, no more talking, just peo- ple listening to every last clang, tweet and honk of a band really getting after it. Threace is an al- bum that appeals on all levels: an- imal, abstract and alien, and all at once; one multi-colored-circa-2013 grab-bang.

Threace was a real “back to the lab” kind of album for CAVE— with a few more guitars and a few less keyboards on board, the band were energized and ready to try things in a new way. All CAVE music grabs at your ears and the soft tissue within, and yet this time, it’s just so much more super-crystalline, bottom-booting and all-spacious than ever before. Recorded on a 1″ 8-track Scully ma- chine that may or may not have spent some quality burn-in time at Muscle Shoals, Threace was half- planned and half-jammed using different mic placements, building up from a basic set of as few mics as possible. Then, they got out the razor blade and . . . well, this isn’t the Rolling Stones! They used it to cut tape (and realities) togeth- er into a metro-musical albumen that’s only started to flower in this world.