BOY HARSHER Northampton

Boy Harsher is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable. Augustus Muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, where Jae Matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. Together, the music created is somewhere between EBM, drone and confessional storytelling. Muller and Matthews both have a strong background in film and their cinematic approach translated effectively in both their recordings and live performance.
Boy Harsher started in early 2013 under the name Teen Dreamz. The project was based on short stories written and read by Matthews then live scored by Muller. As the project matured the instrumentals became more dance influenced and Matthews’ delivery became more dynamic and spontaneous. In January of 2014 Teen Dreamz took on the moniker Boy Harsher.
Boy Harsher currently resides in Northampton, Massachusetts.



Date City Venue Country
17/11/17 Berlin Urban Spree Germany
18/11/17 Wroclaw CRK Poland
19/11/17 Moscow Joy Russian Federation
20/11/17 Budapest Lärm Hungary
21/11/17 Wien Rhiz Austria
22/11/17 Frankfurt Das Bett Germany
23/11/17 Den Haag Het Magazijn Netherlands
24/11/17 Oberhausen Zentrum Altenberg – Schlosserei Germany
25/11/17 Amsterdam Melkweg Netherlands
27/11/17 London The Shacklewell Arms United Kingdom
28/11/17 Newcastle Jumpin’ Jacks United Kingdom
29/11/17 Cardiff Buffalo United Kingdom
30/11/17 Lille Biplan France
01/12/17 Paris Tech Noire France
02/12/17 Lyon Trockson France
03/12/17 Grenoble Le Ciel France
04/12/17 Torino Blah Blah Italy
05/12/17 Bologna Freakout Club Italy
07/12/17 Athens The Temple Greece
08/12/17 Dresden Bunker Germany
09/12/17 Prague Underdog’s Ballrom and Bar Czech Republic

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