Banned from YouTube, booed at America’s Got Talent, and lauded for their irreverence by a global cult following, Birdcloud’s music has been referred to as the ravenous id of today’s commercial country sound. Nashville natives Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green have spent years touring dive bars and lavish theaters across America.
Country music and satire have always been bizarre bedfellows, but there hasn’t ever really been an act that does it in quite the way that Birdcloud is doing. A pretty damn remarkable job of skewering Southern stereotypes. It’s obvious that Birdcloud isn’t for everyone. You might not want to listen to these always raunchy, often uncomfortable songs in your regular rotation, but there’s no denying the crucial place that they (and songs like them) have in this genre. And honestly, if dirty words and girls singing raunchy-like about sex is offensive to you, that doesn’t have anything to do with Birdcloud. That’s on you.

“Much of what Birdcloud does is reactionary to what country music has
become — those dirt roads and the trucks that drive ’em — but also to
their experience growing up in the South: the obsessive religious
indoctrination, the caged racism… Those types of songs —
true-to-life, with a healthy dose of humor — are actually a
longstanding country tradition.” – ROLLING STONE

“The mystery that animates Birdcloud’s best music is a dialectic of
identity, a cruel compassion… What it does do is give the loneliness
of an anonymous woman a couple of absurd moments to strut and fret in
your mind before disappearing once again into oblivion. Historically,
this is what country music has always done best.” – VICE Noisey



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