Bell WitchSeattle

Seattle based duo BELL WITCH have, since their inception in 2010, carved a unique niche in the metal scene. Utilising only bass, drums and vocals to create a mournful, melodic take on minimalism and an ethereal but crushing approach to magnitude.

Their most recent LP, Four Phantoms (2015, Profound Lore) was recorded by Billy Anderson and is their most focused, structured and melancholy release to date. Four epic sentiments of funeral / death doom are orchestrated into arias of the four titular ghosts.

On “Mirror Reaper” will be released on October 20th through Profound Lore Records. The album was produced and mixed by Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Neurosis) and contains a continuous 83-minute piece unfolding as a single track. This is our first recorded album with Jesse Shreibman (drums, organ), and again features honorary band member Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin).

“Mirror Reaper” was the first collaborative writing project with the new lineup, and Adrian’s death during it brought extra emotional weight. We sought to match the complexity and weight of these events within the composition of the piece.



Date City Venue Country
16/03/18 St. Petersburg Zoccolo 2.0 Russian Federation
17/03/18 Moscow Model T Club Russian Federation
19/03/18 Freiburg Slow Club Germany
21/03/18 Barcelona Sala Upload Spain
22/03/18 Madrid Wurlitzer Ballroom Spain
23/03/18 Cartaxo Cartaxo Session Portugal
24/03/18 Viana do Castelo Vibe Portugal
25/03/18 Portugalete Groove Studios Bar Spain
26/03/18 Bordeaux Void France
27/03/18 Paris O’Sullivan Backstage France
28/03/18 Bristol Exchange United Kingdom
29/03/18 Glasgow Nice and Sleazy United Kingdom
30/03/18 Manchester Rebellion United Kingdom
31/03/18 London Boston Music Room France
01/04/18 Harlem Patronaat Netherlands
02/04/18 Bruxelles Magasin 4 Belgium
03/04/18 Hamburg Hafenklang Germany
04/04/18 Copenhagen Pumphuset Denmark
05/04/18 Olso Blitz Norway
06/04/18 Gothenburg Truckstop Alaska Sweden
07/04/18 Stockholm Kraken Sthlm Sweden
08/04/18 Malmo PLAN B Sweden
09/04/18 Berlin Urban Spree Germany
10/04/18 Prague Klub 007 Strahov Czech Republic
11/04/18 Wien Viper Room Austria
12/04/18 Krakow Alchemia Poland
13/04/18 Wroclaw Firlej Poland
14/04/18 Warsaw Pogłos Poland
17/04/18 Budapest A38 Hajó Hungary
18/04/18 Linz Kapu Austria
19/04/18 Karlsruhe Dude Fest Germany
20/04/18 Leipzig Doom Over Leipzig Germany
21/04/18 Tilburg ROADBURN FESTIVAL Netherlands
22/04/18 Tilburg ROADBURN FESTIVAL Netherlands
26/04/18 Tel Aviv Gagarin Israel
28/04/18 Athens The Temple Greece

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